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There are a number of complex Rules and Procedure that Companies have to Navigate when they face problems Recruiting Qualified Staff from Abroad or for International Companies wanting to Work in the UK.

We can help with all aspects of UK Immigration Rules. Including:

  • UK Businesses that want to employ Qualified Staff from outside the UK.
  • International Workers wishing to Work in the UK.
  • International Companies wishing to Set up Offices and Operations in the UK.
  • International Investors and Entrepreneurs Wishing to Live and Work in the UK.

For UK Businesses

At Deane & Bolton Immigration Lawyers we know the difficulties businesses face in hiring qualified personnel from outside the UK. With Brexit it is now difficult to hire people from within the European Union as well.

We can help Companies to:

  • Apply for Sponsorship Licences to be able to recruit Non Resident Workers.
  • Ensure that your policies and procedures are compliant with the UK Border Agency Requirements. Failure to do so could lead to crippling fines.
  • Apply for Work Permits and Visas for Your Workers to Enter and Then Remain in the UK.
  • Apply for the families of your Workers to join them in the UK.

For Overseas Companies

The UK remains a Major Economic Power and a Centre of Trade for Europe. After Brexit there are huge opportunities for companies who wish to enter in the UK Market.

We can help you with:

  • Open a UK Office.
  • Open a UK Branch.
  • Establish your Operations.
  • Help you Register as a Sponsor to recruit Foreign Staff.
  • Ensure that you are fully Compliant with UK Border Agency Audits and Checks.

Overseas Business Representative

If you need to send a Representative to Open a UK Office we can help you to apply for a Visa. Your representative can then come to the UK and set up:

We can help Companies to:

  • UK Office.
  • Establish the Business.
  • Set up a Company.
  • Open a Bank Account.
  • Acquire Property on your Behalf.
  • Trade Freely as a UK Based Company.

This visa is particularly suitable for:

  • International Trading Companies.
  • News Papers.
  • Media.
  • Travel Companies.
  • Cargo Companies/Freight Forwarding Companies.
  • Banks/Insurance/Financial Sector Companies.
  • Oil and Gas Companies.
  • Companies Providing Technical Services.
  • European Companies Looking to Establish a UK Office.
  • Companies looking to Export from the UK.
  • Companies looking to Export to the UK.
  • Companies Investing in Property and Real Estate.
  • Infrastructure, Construction and Development Companies.

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